Interior and exterior entrance mats - see our full offer

UNIMAT is a producer and supplier of all types of aluminium doormats and cleaning systems designed for different kinds of buildings:

Cleaning sequences for shopping centers and industry halls

Our company offers effective and durable systems designed for cleaning shoes and wheels. We recommend doormats created for small shops and huge shopping malls that are perfect for every season. When it comes to projects we always take into consideration conditions like pedestrian traffic and provide solutions suitable for those parameters in accordance with architecture.

We can also introduce our complete drainage systems with settling tanks that are succesfully serving in many warehouses and industry halls. The size and exact type of system is selected during direct consultations.

For floors & stairs

Special mats for floors and stairs are crucial in preventing accidents. Our products like non - slip mats are resistant and their open construction provides regular flow of water and air.

For those who are interested in our doormats we suggest to check out frameworks availiable in different sizes. Their main advantage is creating solid, stable construction.

Doormats can be also decorative and look prestigious. You can order an LogoMat with logo of your company or anything else. It's a special offer for all those who want to achieve a professional image of their office or shop.

We are here to provide cleanliness and safety!


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